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I often hear, “We don’t get our money’s worth from The Annual Conference.” First, it is all God’s money. Second, we are United Methodists together, not just local church members. When we give to ‘apportionment' we ARE giving to “The Church.” And because we are connected to each other we efficiently share learning and fellowship opportunities.

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June, with planning before, our Conference adopted three mission priorities: New Missionary Leaders, New Places for People, and A Pathway out of Poverty. We seek to add new leaders and grow the leaders we have; to form more small groups, especially meeting beyond the walls of our churches; And by forming partnerships with schools we will take literacy head on, since children who cannot read at the third grade level likely will never learn, so will not be employable, so cannot break out of poverty. Our Conference Action Plan Kickoff will be September 8, 10am to 3 pm, at Kirkwood UMC. You can join others to learn how we will accomplish these objectives together, and how our local church can be involved.

High School Youth can choose to attend the first session of our NextGen Academy September 22, 9:30-3 at our Conference Office in Columbia. They will learn leadership skills, Bible, and even financial skills for managing money. The United Methodist Men will have their Fall Retreat at Pinecrest Camp near Fredericktown, September 28-29. Go online to register.

The Conference will offer more thorough training in how to establish and maintain church-school partner-ships. It will be offered online. These Pathway Out of Poverty Webinars are October 18 and November 13. Go to to register.

February 19-21 our General Conference will meet in Saint Louis to deliberate and decide on ‘The Way For-ward:’ how we will address the rift in our denomination over acceptance of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Queer (LGBTQ) members, pastors and Bishops. We will have large group conversations beforehand. Join others at Webster Hills UMC on October 7 at 7 pm, or at Lafayette Park on October 10 at 10 am.

For several decades we have gathered at the State Fairgrounds annually for The Festival of Sharing. This year’s ‘Festival’ will take the form of several ‘Sharefests’ across the State. One will be in Ferguson on October 12. Need help with personal Financial Management stresses? Our Conference is doing a Training Event called “It’s Not About Money” October 3, 9am to 3 pm, at the Hampton Inn in Columbia.

-Rev. Mark Harvey

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