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Bellerive Day Registration Form

2017 Bellerive Day Sale

Saturday September 30th

Bellerive Day is a giant yard sale event held annually in the fall. Each year up to 50 homes on Bellerive and Dover have yard sales or garage sales on the same day. It is sponsored by New Covenant United Methodist Church on the corner of Bellerive & Colorado.

Registration fee: $10.00 per household hosting a yard sale. This fee goes towards advertising. You will receive a yard sign and brochures to guide the buyers to your sales, on which your house will also be listed if participating.

Participation rules:

1. yard sales must be held in your back yard or garage. (City law)

2. Yard signs and brochures will be delivered to your front porch on Friday (September 29th) evening before the sale to all registered houses. Please return them to your front porch after the sale, where we will pick them back up that afternoon/evening.

3 Print out and place this form (or fill out the contact form on the website) with your fee in an envelope and mail it to the church or drop it in our mail slot. Checks should be made payable to New Covenant United Methodist Church or NCUMC, 900 Bellerive Blvd, Saint Louis, MO 63111

For any questions, contact Rachel Hemmerla @ 314-960-8033

Registration form:



Home Phone________________________Cash/Check $_______

Return this form with payment to the church by September 25th to participate in Bellerive Day.

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