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Eunice Circle

EUNICE CIRCLE December was a wonderful meeting for Eunice Circle. With the sharing of appetizers and desserts, we certainly ate to capacity. The center of the table was decorated with stuffed socks which were delivered to Epworth where some youth will truly have a Christmas stocking this year. After a couple of games and thoughts provided by Barb Kahle and Jeanne Webdell we played "Rob the Sox From Your Neighbor." It turned out to be more fun than with wrapped miscellaneous gifts. Each participant went home with a new pair of sox or if desired they were also donated to Epworth for use. We were delighted to welcome Janet Koch and Helena Saylee and her friend Christine for the first time, and we hope they will come back again. Also, Pastor Benjamin from the Congolese congregation joined us for dinner. It was a nice chance to connect with him and get to know him better.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, January 11 at 6 pm in Fellowship Hall. Lori Kindler and Jan DeSmith will be our hostesses so check with them to see what you can bring. Please join us for our first meeting of the new year where we meet, eat, and share fellowship For questions see Dorothy Engelhardt.

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