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Boy Scout Troop 52

Boy Scouts of America is a great program for young boys to help educate them on important life skills and values while also providing an opportunity to have fun in many unique activities.

Boy Scout Troop 52: Service
Summer Camp

Join Scouting Today!

Why join scouting? The Boy Scout program has been turning young boys into strong leaders for the past 100+ years. The Boy Scout program is an extremely unique program that teaches boys many skills and values that they often can't or won't be able to get in their typical school education. Where better can they learn unique skills like cooking? Camping? Wilderness survival? Catching and cleaning fish? Identifying wildlife, including the differences between venomous or poisonous animals and plants? Swimming, rowing, canoeing, kayaking? Water skiing? Hiking? First aid? CPR? Reading a map and compass? Even new technological skills like computer programming or GPS navigating are included in the program now. Lots of unique skills are being taught and not only are they educational, they're FUN!

Boy Scout Troop 52 can be your place to help your boy learn all of those and more in South Saint Louis. We meet on most Friday nights at 6:30 at New Covenant UMC. If you'd like to sign your boy up for some fun, please feel free to stop by at any of our meetings or contact us through the website contact form or on our Facebook page and we'll get you the information you need.

Boy Scout Troop 52: Our Mission

2018 Boy Scout BBQ Schedule

Boy Scout Troop 52 will once again be BBQing for fundraising. This year we'll be at a TWO new locations along with two BBQs at our original location from last year, Loughborough Plaza, at the corner of Loughborough and Morganford. Two of our BBQs will be in the back lot of New Covenant UMC and the other will be at Carondelet United Church Of Christ. We will, of course, be cooking and selling meat provided by Kenrick's Meat Market.

Our schedule* for 2018 is as follows:

May 5th (Loughborough)

May 12th (New Covenant)

June 2nd (Loughborough)

June 16th (Carondelet UCC)

June 23rd (New Covenant)

Tentatively Scheduled**:

July 7th

July 28th

August 4th

August 18th

Menu with pricing: 

Hotdog- $2 

(add cheese, no additional cost) 

***NEW*** The Sweet'n'Savory Burger-$5
Double Hamburger-$4.50

(add cheese, no additional cost) 
Pork Steak-$8 

Hotdog Dinner (2 hotdogs, 2 sides, 1 drink)-$5 
Hamburger Dinner (2 hamburgers, 2 sides, 1 drink)-$7 

***NEW*** The Sweet'n'Savory Burger Dinner***(2 Burgers on Donuts, 2 sides, 1 drink)-$10
Double Hamburger Dinner (2 double hamburgers, 2 sides, 1 drink)-$10 
Brat Dinner (2 brats, 2 sides, 1 drink)-$9 
Pork Steak Dinner (1 Pork Steak, 2 sides, 1 drink)-$10 

Sides (75 Cents each individually): 
Mustard Potato Salad 
BBQ Beans 
Green Beans w/Bacon and potatoes
Chips (50 cents) 

Drinks ($1 each if not bought with a dinner): 
Canned soda (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sprite, A&W Root Beer, Orange)
Bottled water 

NEW BBQ ITEM: The Sweet'n'Savory Burger! Same great beef burger patties from Kenrick's, but served on a donut for a bun!

NEW DEAL: All *Dinner* orders will now come with a drink at no additional charge with the same pricing on each Dinner order as last year's BBQs. This will be a permanent addition to our menu pricing.

*Please note that the above schedule is always subject to change, for any reason, but most commonly due to inclement weather or the threat thereof. To stay up to date on any changes, please follow us on our twitter or like us on facebook.

Boy Scout Troop 52: About Us
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